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E.C. Shaw Company is proud to announce an innovative approach to achieve superior Flat Top Dots and surface screening with our new nyloflex® NExT Exposure Unit (press release).

With Flat Top Dot Technology, a greater level of detail is held at the surface of the plate. This translates to a smoother ink laydown and a dramatic improvement in the reduction of pinholes.

NExT (New Exposure Technology) uses precision highenergy UV-A LEDs that promote rapid polymerization of the flexo plate. The unit utilizes 2 exposures. The first exposure produces a rapid crosslinking of the plate surface, eliminating the oxygen effect through a UV-A LED bar. The second exposure utilizes standard UV-A tubes to create relief.

"The consistency of the exposure is revolutionary to the industry", says Ken Grome, VP of Research and Development. NExT is the solution to the unstable power of UV-A tubes.

The combination of the two exposures enables a precise reproduction of fine relief elements and high resolution surface screening onto the finished plate. With a maximum plate size of 1320 x 2032 mm (52 x 80), the unit is large enough to handle all applications.

For convertors and designers alike, this product offers superior print quality with maximum flexibility on press and the potential for significant ink cost savings.